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AMUSED MOOSE, January 30th 2003
WOW! This has to be the most amazing show I've ever seen by Gary EVER! It was a shame there weren't a few more people in the audience that night (word has it that the promoters nearly pulled the show when only four people turned up), but a wild night was had by all! Of course, Michelle and me were there in the front row, cheering and screaming like silly schoolgirls. Gary only did two songs, of course, but we still loved him. He was miles better than anyone else on the bill that night, and we should know because WE WERE THERE!!

Tracy Stork, 09.02.03

This was a real treat! Tracy and me got real drunk on Grolsch before the show started, so by the time Gary came on, I was nearly legless! (Tracy can take her drink better than me!) It was great to see Gary in his new "Earl Grey" costume. His new song "Grey" is the best song I have ever heard!! (Apart from, maybe, "Sound and Vision" by David Bowie, and John Foxx's "Underpass".) I can't write much more now because I've got to go help my Dad at the Golf Club, but it really was the best gig I have ever, ever seen, and I CAN'T WAIT for the Sex Dummy EP!

Michelle Guilor, 09.02.03

HEN & CHICKENS, February 16th 2003
COR!! This was just GREAT!! Gary was in his Earl Grey costume again, and this time he did THREE--YES, THREE SONGS--including the little-heard Geometry, which now seems to have new lyrics. His dancing was superb, his voice was simply amazing, and I almost fainted when he sang Grey. It has to be the best song of all time. I hung around in the pub downstairs afterwards to see if I could get a chance to talk to him. Unfortunately, he spent most of his time talking to other girls, but I hung around long enough to make sure he didn't get off with any of them. I missed the last tube home and had to get a cab, which cost me nearly 14 (!!! - my Mum had to pay this) but it was still one of the best nights of my entire life!

Tracy Stork, 17.02.03

As it was Sunday, I had to go to the Golf Club again with my Dad, which meant I was late doing my homework and he made me stay in to finish it that night. Which means I missed the gig. But I'm glad Tracy had a good time.

Michelle Guilor, 17.02.03

HEN & CHICKENS, February 23rd 2003
Another amazing set from Gary, this time in an all-new costume with a hat and a cane. His set was better than ever--Can you imagine Ballerina, Sex Dummy and Grey all in one sitting? I can, because I've seen it! Gary still didn't get off with anyone afterwards, but I thought I saw him looking at someone's boobs at one point, which I didn't like. The tube didn't break down this time, so I got back without having to ask my Mum for the cab fare, but she gave me the money anyway, and said "Go out and get yourself something nice tomorrow"!! I've been back at school today, so it's been a bit of a drag, but I might bunk off tomorrow and get myself a "Sex Dummy" t-shirt made at the print shop down the road.

Michelle hasn't been round today, but she didn't manage to get there last night anyway, so no review from her again!

Tracy Stork 24.02.03

EALING STUDIOS, February 27th 2003
As you know, we would never miss a Gary gig (well, I wouldn't anyway--Michelle obviously isn't quite as big a fan as me!!) But the two of us managed to get there anyway--EVENTUALLY. As tube fans might know, the Central Line has been down for about a month now, since that horrific crash at the end of January. Which means that it takes about two hours to get to Ealing from our house! (Just to point out, I mean the house where me and my Mum live, not where me and Michelle live, because me and Michelle don't live together. We might do next year though, while we take our year out before going to University--TOUCH WOOD!!) And then, when we got there, we couldn't find the venue! We had to ask around and everybody kept giving us different directions! And even when we did find it, it wasn't really obvious where the main stage was, and we ended up sitting in a car park for 20 minutes crying! By the time we got there, Gary had already been on and left the building!! WE WERE SO UPSET!!! It was enough though to know that Gary had just been there--we spent a bit of time sniffing the front of the stage to try to pick up his scent--and we also had the privilege of talking to one of Gary's friends afterwards (though we were so drunk, I can't remember his name!!) Michelle should be able to tell me his name later because she ended up going back to his flat afterwards. I unfortunately missed the last tube home and almost had to sit in the train station all night, but my Mum got up out of bed and drove all the way to Ealing to pick me up! Can you imagine that? What a great Mum!! It was a tough ordeal last night, but I'LL DO ANYTHING FOR GARY!!!

INTERESTING FACTOID: According to Gary's friend, the venue he played last night is the exact same place they recorded the theme tune to Blake's Seven! Can you imagine that?? Trace xxx

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