Who is Gary Le Strange?
Gary is simply the best pop star on the planet, from this age or any age. His hair is blonde, his face is beautiful and his movements are damn sexy! His songs are about admiration, beauty, alienation and taking pride in your appearance. His lyrics are poetic and full of wonderful, exciting and meaningful imagery. What's more, he is the leading figure of the Neo-Regency Face Warriors, a new concept in pop music.

What are the Neo-Regency Face Warriors?
They are a new craze in music and fashion. They combine punk attitude with disco chic. They believe in the triumph of the individual over the soul-destroying effect of conformity. They believe in the future, the 18th century and the 1930's. They use art, theatre and dance to embellish their live performances. They believe that everyone should release the warrior within, not because of fighting, but because warriors are strong, noble and proud, like peacocks. And they paint their faces to express their individual spirits properly.

Aren't they just copying the New Romantics?
No. Absolutely not. Bad people in the press and at gigs seem to think Gary is a New Romantic throwback, permanently stuck in some twilight time between 1979 and 1982, but he's not.

Are there any other Neo-Regency Face Warrior artists?
There are lots. But only Gary calls himself a Neo-Regency Face Warrior. Café Plastique call themselves synthetishists. Hieronymous Posh call themselves Romosexuals. Hyperbolix call themselves neuromantics. Andy and the Ants have unfortunately split up after they were bankrupted by a lawsuit.

Has Gary released any records?
You bet your sorry ass! Find out more about by going straight to our Discography page!!

Where can I see Gary live?
Gary will be performing live in several venues throughout the year, mainly in London, where he lives. For all the details, go straight to our gigs page!

Why does Gary only play theatres and comedy clubs?
Gary believes that musical events should be theatrical experiences. The old-style rock concert of old is as dead as the dinosaurs. Gary thinks that music is best played in theatres, nightclubs, cinemas, on battleships and in clothes shops. He ends up doing a lot of stuff in comedy clubs because to take people by surprise.

Where does Gary get his clothes from?
A criticism frequently levelled at Gary is that he looks like he has been trawling through all the charity shops to get his unique stage costumes. This could hardly be further from the truth! Although some of his clothing does actually come from charity shops, much of the rest of it comes from other places - Gary says some of his suit jackets and trousers were given to him by his Dad. The frilly shirt and cape he has been seen wearing at recent gigs actually came from a Count Dracula costume! He buys other things, like belts, ties and ribbons, from various high street shops.

What do the symbols on Gary's face mean?
So far, Gary has shown us two distinct war-faces in public. The usual one (his "Sexy Clown" look) uses a lop-sided smile and slanty eyebrows, with a nought and a cross on each cheek. The cross represents the masculine side of his face, the nought represents the feminine side. In Gary's other persona (which he calls "Earl Grey"), he paints on a monocle (which represents nobility) and a moustache (which represents Dirk Bogarde in Death in Venice).

What does Gary like for breakfast?
We don't know. But he does like Italian and Chinese food, so it could be spaghetti, or chow mein.

What other things does Gary like?
For a list of stuff Gary likes, go straight to our Links page.

How can I get in touch with Gary?
If you want to contact Gary, please see the details on our Contact page.