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Well, thanks to me MOVING HOUSE and having FAR TOO MUCH HOMEWORK TO DO and DEVELOPING AN EAR AND THROAT INFECTION, there have been no updates to this site for OVER THREE WEEKS!!! News has also been very quiet on the Gary front… UNTIL NOW!! We have updated the Gig List page today with several of what we think will be the best places to catch Gary over the coming months. But there are rumours that Gary is working on an HOUR-LONG THEATRICAL EXTRAVAGANZA called POLAROID SUITCASE, which we'll tell you more about when we hear more! Rumour also has it that, hot on the heels of his Sex Dummy EP, Gary is BACK IN THE STUDIO recording NEW SONGS for a FULL-LENGTH ALBUM which is due to be released in the summer!! Hopefully the album will contain some or even all of the tracks on the EP, but we've heard that some of the extra song titles on the new album will be Catwalk Women, Prince Charles and Is My Toaster Sentient? Gary is apparently going to be ready to unveil these new songs in a special gig at the end of this month! We'll let you know more details when they come up!!

On top of this, we have seen some FANTASTIC NEW PHOTOS of Gary, which we are just DYING to show you on the site! More news about them later!!!!

As for me and Michelle, well, we feel a little bit guilty. In his letter to us, Gary said that he thought we ought to change our names and form a band!! But with our A-Levels coming up, it's been very difficult to do that!! I wanted to call our band
The Dummigurrlz but Michelle says we should be called Toxic Clock Syndrome. I hate to sound thick, but I don't really understand that name. We spoke to Gary's manager about it and said we were sorry we hadn't done it yet, but he just told us that being a pop star is very difficult and we'd be better off going to college and getting a decent job at somewhere like Dixons.


CLAP CLINIC (19.04.03)
SUNDAY CLUB (20.04.03)
AMUSED MOOSE (24.04.03)

Sorry! Even though we said we would do reviews of ALL Gary's gigs, it seems we don't always have the time!! But here's a review of the last three:

CLAP CLINIC was strange because it was Easter Saturday (if there is such a thing!!) and so there were only about three people in the audience (one of them was me, Tracy--Michelle… sorry, Suzanne… had to go to visit her Grandmother in Yorkshire). But Gary did a wonderful set as usual--Ballerina, Grey, and, to my surprise and shock, a NEW SONG called "Is My Toaster Sentient?" This is a real rocker, which had Gary leaping about and even HEADBANGING. By the end of the song, I was headbanging too!!! Needless to say, even though there were only three people in the audience, everybody enjoyed it and clapped and cheered at the end. I think the other two could tell I was a Gary fan because I was wearing my Sex Dummy t-shirt and my jacket which says "I LOVE GARY LE STRANGE" on the back. I must have bored them senseless talking about Gary afterwards! I was hoping, because there were so few people there, that I might finally be able to meet Gary in person, but unfortunately he had to go straight away. I did, however, meet his tour managers Zena and Michelle, who were very nice to me, and Gary's PA, Kate Darby, who was great and bought me a lager. I was very scared about walking home afterwards through Hackney, but the people I met were brilliant and they called me a taxi home! Isn't that sweet?? They said they were very sorry I didn't meet Gary, but that he is very shy and doesn't often feel comfortable with fans. Being shy myself, I respect that, and all I can say is… I LOVE YOU, GARY!!!

Next night, Gary did an off-the-cuff gig at the
SUNDAY CLUB in Islington, which I wouldn't have known about if I hadn't been tipped off the night before by his production team!! Gary only did two songs this time--Toaster and Grey--but the audience was packed this time, and as an added bonus, we saw Gary in an ALL-NEW STAGE COSTUME!!! And all I can say to that is… PHWOAR!! GET YER KIT OFF!!! Gary called it his "pervy cyborg" look, which was almost obscene, all black PVC with robot headgear. It really suited his Toaster song, which is all about the growing power of artificial intelligence, but I still prefer Grey when he does it in his Earl Grey uniform. Mich… sorry, Suzanne--I'm going to have to try very hard to get used to her new name--couldn't make this one again, but she DID make it to the one on Thursday, so OVER TO YOU, SUZANNE!

Thanks Tracy! We both went to the Amused Moose on Thursday to see the BIG GIG, which is usually a really good show! Last time we went there in March, it was absolutely PACKED TO THE RAFTERS, with queues around the block, but this time there was hardly anyone there! And that includes the evening's usual comperes, Oram and Meeten, who are usually HILARIOUS. We wonder what happened to them? Anyway, Gary came on and did his set, with Toaster and Grey as the songs, quite early on in the show, and though the audience were appreciative, there was none of the usual stamping and shouting and ripping off of bras that we usually associate with a Gary gig. Though later on in the show, there were calls for Gary's return, we learned that he had already left the building. We saw his manager afterwards, who said that he had to rush back to the studio to continue work on his album! That Gary Le Strange sure does work hard!!


Finally we are finding a rainy day to update the site! Gary has been very busy this past month and it is our duty as HIS GREATEST FANS to fill you in on all the details! Toppest and most greatest of all the news is that Gary will (so we hear) be performing his hour-long show Polaroid Suitcase at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year! More details to come as and when we get them, but the dates will be July 30th to August 25th inclusive (with, so we're told, a couple of days off, but we don't know yet when they'll be). We'll let you know the venue details and times when Gary's manager passes them on to us. The Edinburgh show will coincide with the release of Gary's first full-length album, and is being produced and promoted by It's Alright For Some, who also happen to be two girls who like Gary a lot! And one of them is called Michelle!! Because of this, and to avoid confusion, our Michelle has decided to be called Suzanne from now on ("I never liked being called Michelle anyway--it reminds me of my Dad. Not that he's called Michelle, but he calls me it and I can't stand him." - Michelle… no, sorry, Suzanne). I have decided to continue being called Tracy, but I want to add a "Le" to the middle of my name.

In the run-up to Edinburgh, Gary will be performing his show in places as diverse as London and York, so if you can't get to Edinburgh, try to get along to those shows instead! We think it's going to be the BEST SHOW EVER!!! For venue details, go straight to our
Gig List NOW!!!!


We have updated a whole load of things on the site today, including the Gallery, the Reviews page and an updated Gig List. We haven't included any of the stunning pictures for Gary's Polaroid Suitcase session yet, but we tell you, it'll be worth the wait!!

From what we hear, the actual track listing for Gary's album keeps changing, but it is still on course for a summer release to coincide with his summer tour. Tracks such as Catwalk Women, Nagasaki and The Horrid Tape have been dropped (as has Geometry! WHY???), but other tracks have been added to the line up, and they sound just as exciting. Top of our wish-list is Is My Toaster Sentient?, a BRILLIANT new song he has been performing at recent gigs. We think it might even be his best yet!!! For a full track listing for the album (until it changes again!!!??!!) go to our Discography page!


CLAP CLINIC (17.05.03)
SUNDAY CLUB (18.05.03)

HURRAAAYY!!!! We finished our last exam on Friday so the rest of our lives is free forever, to do whatever we want with!! HURRAAAYY!!!! And what better way to begin than a weekend of gigs by our favourite pop star, GARY LE STRANGE!!! HURRAAAAYY!!!! In fact, we have a confession to make--WE'VE BEEN PISSED ALL WEEKEND!! (Note to Americans: that means "drunk" in English and not "angry" - for "angry" we say "pissed off"! We certainly haven't been angry all weekend! How could we in the company of our guy Gary??)

We started off drinking just after our last exam on Friday morning! Michelle (who has decided to keep her name as Michelle now after all) smuggled a bottle of Blue Bols into school and I brought in some orange juice as a mixer. (I couldn't really bring in any booze myself because I'm not STRICTLY 18 till August--but who's counting??) Anyway, we drank the Blue Bols and orange, which went a sort of greeny colour, and it tasted really pikey, but so what! We were legless in ten minutes flat!! Michelle had an embarrassing moment when she tried to get off with Mr Swales (Ugh!) and I spent all afternoon being sick in the park, but we still managed to get to the end of A-Levels do in the evening! I was asleep for most of it but I still enjoyed myself!!

We both felt a bit groggy the next morning, but after spending a couple of hours in the pub on Saturday afternoon, we felt great again! We met up with Josie and Bongo and about 15 others from our year, and we had a right laugh! Me and Michelle ended up singing "Ballerina" over and over again, but making up our own lyrics about how we had just finished our A-Levels and we were going to live together in our year out. We must have driven everyone crazy!! Mark C got us chucked out in the end by throwing a pint glass at one of the bar staff, but we didn't care! It was Gary time!!

To our surprise, all our mates came with us! They don't usually take any notice when we talk about Gary, but we must have got them intrigued! It was quite difficult to get to Chats Palace so we were all a bit moody and argumentative when we got there, and then when we all got charged different ticket prices (some of us didn't bring our student cards! Including me!! At least that meant I got served at the bar!!) people started wanting money off each other to make up the difference.

Gary had already started when we went in so we missed his opening song! Sob! He was talking about something when we got in (he has started talking quite a lot in between his songs and we love to hear it because his words are so wise and carefully chosen). But we couldn't really hear him because Mark C and Mark F were still arguing over ticket prices, and some of the others were just talking about other stuff they'd seen on telly (Hollyoaks mainly), and what sort of people they thought might be on Big Brother next week.

Then Gary did an amazing song--
I'm Japanese was one, which we'd only heard once before (having missed his performance in Brighton--DAMN!!) and he looked SO SEXY when he was singing it! I don't know what happened afterwards, but for some reason I started finding myself shouting things at Gary when he started talking about his punk days, and… HE TALKED BACK!! WOOOOWWWWW!!!! It was only a few words along the lines of "You're putting me off now" and "I'm trying to concentrate"… BUT GARY SPOKE TO ME!!!!! I was still in a total daze about this when Gary launched into the most amazing song I've ever heard… his new song, PRINCE CHARLES. Wow!! We'd heard a lot about this song before, and imagined how it might go on many occasions, but nothing prepared us for this! It is simply the best song anyone has ever written or performed ever! EVER!!! It's the title song of a pantomime Gary's writing, about a Native American girl called Cinderella… well, I don't want to spoil it, but it's a BRILLIANT song, and if that's anything to go by, the rest of the pantomime will be AMAZING!!!!!!

By the end of his set, EVERYBODY in the audience was shouting and cheering! And I mean EVERYBODY! Even our cynical mates! Everybody loved it so much that Gary did an encore of
Is My Toaster Sentient, in his pervy cyborg costume this time. And after that we went and got some chips and went home.

I was going to write all about the gig at the Sunday Club the next night, and how I had punched Mark C in the face, but I've run out of space! Oh well, here's to the next gig! I can't wait!!

Tracy xxx


HURRAY!! Me and Michelle have finally finished all our exams, which means we're FREE! FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES!! YAAAAAYYYY!!!! Well, for the rest of our year off at least, and we're going to have to get jobs in that time too. BOOOO!!! But at least for now we've got some time AT LAST to dedicate to our favourite thing… GARY LE STRANGE!!

We're still a bit knackered from last week's drinking (for the full story, see our review section) and it's taken us all week to get over it!! Plus we've got our end of term leaving do (they're calling it a "prom" for some reason) tomorrow, so we're going to get absolutely smashed yet again!!! All this means that it's very difficult to fill you in on every single detail of the crazy Gary-related stuff we've been up to this week, but several things are very important to tell you about:

1. Site updates
We have updated the site! Just look at all our lovely new photos of Gary! Finally, we got the use of them, and aren't they gorgeous! We think you'll agree, they're worth the wait!! See them all in their full big glory on the Gallery page!!

2. Gary in Edinburgh
Gary's full-length show is going to be running for NEARLY A MONTH in Edinburgh this year--go to our Gigs page for full details!

3. Michelle's name
Michelle has decided that she doesn't want to be called "Suzanne" any more and has decided to stick with Michelle! Phew! It's so confusing! But we personally think Michelle is the best name for her! It is her real name after all!

4. We have found out where Gary lives!
More details coming soon!!!


Wow! There's so much to say! Gary's full hour-long show is now less than two weeks away and we just can't wait!! We've also heard that Gary's album is almost ready, and that it has a totally remixed version of Ballerina on it, plus a song we have never heard before, called Individuals. I haven't got much time to talk about it now though because I've got an interview for a stupid job in a stupid shoe shop. But guess where it is… WALTHAMSTOW, WHERE GARY LIVES!! YES!!! I wonder if I'll see Gary when I'm working there? Maybe it's his favourite shoe shop? You never know…

Check our Discography page for Gary's new album cover!!

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