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Naturally, we've been to all of Gary's full-length shows that he's been doing in the run-up to his Edinburgh Fringe run, but nothing prepared us for the sheer beauty of this show! Gary was beautiful as always, and finally he was playing a venue that both suited his preference for speaking through a microphone, and had pretty good sound too!! The sound was amazing in fact--when the spoken voice began at the start of the show… you know, the one that goes "In music and in fashion, I express myself as a member of a higher species"… I got goose pimples down my back and all over my arms. It made me want to cry. It wasn't until Gary came on and sang Ballerina that I actually started crying (even when he forgot the words, which was so moving, I almost choked) and I was in tears for most of the rest of the show.

For those who haven't actually seen Gary's show yet, he performs six songs from his album Polaroid Suitcase, and then spends the rest of the time imparting his well-crafted wisdom and telling anecdotes about his troubled life. Why he doesn't perform all 8 songs from the album and talk less is baffling to many of the uninitiated, but you have to remember that Gary is not just some pratty pop tart--he is an artist, who believes that music and theatre are exactly the same thing, except at a different BPM. Plus the fact that we get 2 extra non-gig tracks on the album means that we have EXTRA TRACKS. Gary is GIVING MORE to us, don't you see?

The music is wonderful, of course. How on Earth he does not have a major record deal yet is beyond me, as just the flick of his eyelids knocks the socks off most of the plastic posers you see on Top of the Pops, and the soul in his singing beats the hell out of any of the has beens you see on Jools Holland's show on telly. The radio would be a much better place if Gary Le Strange was on it, as we Le Strangers know only too well. But our time will come!

Gary's latest song Individuals is a tour de force. Dressed in black PVC (what Gary calls his "Pervy Cyborg" costume) Gary whirrs and clicks about the stage like a humanoid robot, his voice totally changing from a soaring bird of joy into a lifeless machine drone and back again with each line. His movements manage to be graceful and yet clunking, a 22nd century schizoid auto-man for the 21st century. He is a God.

And if you thought you'd heard all the music on the album… think again! Gary surprises us yet again with a new twist to Grey which had everyone in the room up and roaring on their feet in seconds. The man is a genius and I love him. I love him.

But it is Gary's speech which really steals the show. I don't want to give too much away, but the stories he tells, of his early punk days, his failed relationships and the near-death experience which changed his life (and ours! What would our days be like without Gary? They would be sad indeed…) are some of the most heartfelt and beautiful stories ever spoken in the English language. Even I thought that I would have preferred more music in the show when I heard there were only six songs (I was expecting at least 12) but having seen the show I say NO… The stories help you appreciate the man, the myth and the music even more. To think Gary has been through all that heartache, and then comes up with such a brilliant idea as the Neo-Regency Face Warriors, and is able to do it in such a wonderful way… I find it hard to believe that anyone could be that good. But I do believe. We must all believe.

All I can say is, FACE WARRIORS UNITE! Our day is dawning…

Michelle Guilor


There is only a week to go now till Gary's hour-long show Polaroid Suitcase opens at the Edinburgh Fringe, and of course, we are going to be there THE WHOLE TIME!! YAAAYY!! We still don't know where we are going to be staying, but I'm sure we will be able to find a cheap hotel somewhere. We're going to go and see Gary EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, and he's on for 23 nights, as well as being on at loads of other events all around Edinburgh, so we're probably going to see him approximately a MILLION TIMES.

SO MUCH has happened since we last bothered to update the site that it's difficult to know where to begin! Gary has been doing his Edinburgh previews all around London and we have been to EVERY SINGLE ONE. We've unfortunately been very rubbish at writing reviews of them, but HURRAH! We have written a review of his last London show at the stylish Albany on Great Portland Street, where you can read a tantalising glimpse of what he is going to be doing in Edinburgh virtually EVERY SINGLE DAY for NEARLY A MONTH!! We just can't wait. It's going to be THE MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED IN THE HISTORY OF MAN (or woman) KIND!! IT'S SO INCREDIBLE WE FEEL LIKE PUNCHING SOMETHING!!!!

Also, what is EVEN MORE AMAZING (and what could be more amazing than seeing Gary perform every single night for a month?) we have an ADVANCE COPY of Gary's new CD, his first proper album, Polaroid Suitcase. And the word on the streets is, it's HOT. It's REALLY HOT. Eight tracks of the purest, most mind-blowing music YOU WILL EVER HEAR IN YOUR LIFE. We shit you not!! To read the first ever review of this AMAZING AND GROUNDBREAKING album, click here!!!

What's EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE AND AMAZING is that we have been spending quite a lot of time hanging around outside Gary's flat in Walthamstow, just to give him a bit of support. We found out where he lives from his manager, who was very kind and bought us some cider to drink while we sat on the wall and waited for him to come out. We've seen Gary a couple of times but he's not at home a lot any more so mainly we just see Gary's neighbours. Some of them are quite rude but there's a nice man called Dave who sometimes lets us sleep on his floor when it gets too cold outside. Not that it's been cold though lately--PHEW! IT'S BEEN A SCORCHER!!!

What else is there to say? Oh, I don't know. But we probably won't have time to do any more on the site till after Edinburgh now, because we're going to be so busy SEEING GARY!! Are you jealous? Well, if you are, then don't be, because all you have to do is go to THE CAPITAL OF SCOTLAND and watch him EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, just like us. And if you can't make it to Edinburgh, then you might be able to catch up with what's happening to Gary by going to
Comedy Lounge and looking for a feature they're doing called "Edinburgh or Burst". I think they're going to be following him around or something, asking him questions. THAT SHOULD BE OUR JOB!! Oh well, maybe next year…

Well, if we don't see you before then, we'll see you after.

Happy August!!

Tracy Stork xxx


WOW!! It's been so long since we've written anything on the site that we don't know where to start! So much has happened both in our lives and in Gary's life that we just can't possibly tell you everything! It's all just been so AMAZING!!!!!

The main thing that's happened is that we went up to Edinburgh to see Gary do his first proper full show. The show was a mixture of brilliant music and wonderful theatre that he called Polaroid Suitcase, after the album of the same name, featuring songs from the album and Gary talking about his life and how he came to be a solo artist. IT WAS FAB!!! We were there from August 12th to August 17th. We had meant to be there for the entire whole of Gary's run (which was 23 shows over 25 days! Can you imagine that???) but we had problems with train tickets and ended up hitching on the way up there, and ended up stranded in Manchester for a few days, then we got lost in the Lake District for nearly a week! Michelle fell down a waterfall into some brambles at one point and had to go to hospital with a broken pelvis. She was lucky it wasn't her neck!! But I managed to get to Edinburgh in the end. I ran out of money after a day or two so I could never afford to get in to see Gary's show, but it was still worth going, just to be there!

One of the major pieces of news about Gary is that he WON AN AWARD for his amazing show. RECOGNITION AT LAST!!! It was the
Perrier Best Newcomer Award, which usually gets given to comedy shows, but it seems the judges wanted to broaden the scope of the award this year, and give it to a proper pop star instead! We don't know how Gary feels about this but we bet he's really excited! Gary's manager said that Gary is taking some time off with a bad cough, but that he is delighted that somebody has finally recognised him for being an original newcomer, and not an 80s rip-off like all the bad people keep saying he is.

There are lots of things going to be happening on the Gary front over the next few months, and we will keep you informed of them as time goes along, but today we (well, I… Michelle is still in hospital and might be there for a few more weeks yet) have updated the website!! We're having trouble connecting to the internet today so I don't know when I'm going to be able to upload all this stuff to the web, but when I do, you will be able to see these totally new things:

  • A new news page!! (That's this one)
  • A new reviews page, including things people said about Gary in the papers!!
  • An updated gallery, with new photos on it of Gary performing live!!
  • Information on the Discography page of how you can buy Gary's album!!
  • An updated Events page with a list of forthcoming Gary gigs!!
  • And that's it!!

Well, I'm going to go and have my dinner now, but I'll be back later to tell you all about my crap A-Level results, and how I'm going to have to work in a customer service centre from tomorrow onwards! BOO!!!

See you later! Tracy Stork xxxxxxx


WOW!! Sorry it's been so long since we wrote, but we've had a lot of trouble with our PC lately, plus with my new job as a telesales operative (I'm doing quite well actually!!!) it's been difficult to find the time to do anything for the website! PLUS Gary has been so busy and we've been attending so many gigs and events he's been at, it's been IMPOSSIBLE to have any time to ourselves!!

Gary's been SO busy. Not only has he been gallavanting off all over the country spreading his Neo-Regency Face Warrior message, he's ALSO been doing TV appearances, radio appearances, working on the new album and doing yet more full-length shows in London!!

THE BEST show and the most exciting to be at was the Palace Theatre on London's famous Shaftesbury Avenue. It's a big old lovely theatre with red seats and all that, and to see Gary strutting about peacock-like on such a big stage in front of over a thousand adoring fans was like Heaven come true!! At one point in the show, he even MENTIONED OUR NAMES, thanking us for the work we've done on this site!! We were too dumbstruck to reply. We tried to hang around and talk to him afterwards but we got caught in the crowd after the show and somehow found ourselves swept out of the door, unable to get back in!! One day we will meet Gary and have our photos taken with him, you can bet your bottom dollar!!!

THE BEST TV appearance Gary did was on a show called Loose Lips for Living TV, where he was interviewed by Melinda Messenger and Richard Arnold. Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet and Peter Cox from Go West were on it too, as was Bruno from Fame. Of course, the interviewers accused him of being an 80s revivalist, just like we Gary fans all know he's not, but being a gentleman, Gary took it all in very good humour. He looked like a GOD on telly, really tall and good-looking. Hopefully after that show he will have created hundreds or even MILLIONS more Gary fans, and we can join as one together to make the world a more interesting place on his behalf!! It was a really really good show and we thank the producers for giving airtime to a true artist instead of all the usual soulless plastic pop stars!!

THE BEST radio appearance was yesterday, on a new show called The Day the Music Died on Radio 2, which takes an in-depth look behind the music industry. Gary was championed as a new artist with something relevant to say. It has to be said that the show's host was not altogether flattering about Gary--in fact he was quite rude, saying that Gary had "nicked" his ideas from the New Romantics, and accusing Gary of being gay (He is not--he is "theoretically omnisexual"). But best of all, we got to hear a NEW SONG form Gary!! It was part of a demo he had written, an early version of the Love song he has begun singing at recent gigs, but this one with hard-hitting lyrics about why people don't buy singles any more! In the track, he lays down the gauntlet to the music industry, saying that the only reason people don't buy singles as much as they used to is because they're rubbish, and that if they gave Gary a record deal he would sell a lot more of them. Exciting stuff!!

Our sources tell us Gary may be back on the show more than once throughout the series. So all true Gary fans MUST tune in on Saturdays to BBC Radio 2, at 1pm just after Jonathan Ross, to hear more exclusive Gary demos!

There are still quite a few Gary gigs in London in the run-up to Christmas, but Gary's main project at the moment is to continue recording material for his next album. We've already heard the 2 new songs "Warriors of Style" and "What Love Is" at recent gigs, so we can't wait to hear what the rest are like!!

ALSO, a little bird on the grapevine tells us that Gary may be doing a UK tour next year, taking his Polaroid Suitcase show around Britain, on a one-man mission to release the individual in every man, woman and child!! More details on that soon!!

By the way, Michelle's pelvis operation went fine and she is much better now.

Love and faces

Tracy (the Face) Stork

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