Thanks to a special deal with Gary, I can now offer you the chance to download several ENTIRE TRACKS by Gary Le Strange!

Geometry (EP version)
The original version from the now-deleted Sex Dummy EP! Unlike the other tracks on the EP, which boast different vocal recordings to the album versions, this track is virtually identical to the version on Polaroid Suitcase, apart from the ending, which is totally different! Where the album version is sung, with lyrics about going into pubs, this contains a spoken in which Gary lists various things that he liked at the time of writing. A must-have for every collector!

Grey (unreleased full length version)
EXCLUSIVE! The full length version of Grey! When the Polaroid Suitcase album went to press, Gary had not yet written the spectacular ending. It was only several days later that he realised his live show needed a bit more pizzazz at its climax, and so he created a special sequence which tagged onto the end of the song. While the album is fine without it, this restored version edits the classic album cut together with the stupendous coda. Not to be missed!

Metal Boy
The full-length version from Face Academy

Something Better [featuring David Boeing] (full length original version)
EXCLUSIVE! This unreleased track is, so far, the very latest recording by Gary Le Strange, and has a very odd history. Originally written by a Miami Vice tribute band called Miami Spice for inclusion in a soft rock musical which never took place, this cover version, produced by legendary studio whiz-kid Waen Shepherd, was recorded by deep-throated balladeer David Boeing as part of his unfinished album, Keep Your Hair On. The album was to feature collaborations with several different artists, this one a duet with Gary Le Strange, recorded in December 2004. The only other track finished was an experimental dobro piece with classical dobrist Tedward Frapp. Sessions for the album were abandoned for unknown reasons, but the two completed tracks were slated for a single release in January 2005, which for some other unknown reason has still not happened. Two versions of this song were completed. One, a shorter radio-friendly edit, with revised lyrics (rewritten by Boeing), was promoted by Gary on the BBC Radio 2 show The Day the Music Died. An on-air argument with presenter Andrew Collins led to Gary staging a dramatic walk-out. Further controversy continued to dog the track when the show was broadcast the day after the Boxing Day tsunami, and the revised song's various references to flooding caused quite some anxiety. This track is NOT the version as broadcast, but the longer, unedited version, complete with Miami Spice's original lyrics. Gary sings the bulk of the song, with Boeing joining him from the second verse.

PLEASE NOTE: You will probably need a copy of Real Player to play these clips. Please let me know if they don't work! I appreciate feedback.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Lack of web space means that the quality of these clips is not as high as it could be. Listeners may experience a certain amount of wobble. As yet there is nothing I can do about this! Sorry. Please do not use these tracks to gauge the quality of the production on Gary's CDs! Rest assured, the sound quality of the actual CDs is much higher!!!