Who is Gary Le Strange?
Gary is simply the best pop star on the planet, from this age or any age. His hair is blonde, his face is beautiful and his movements are damn sexy! His songs are about admiration, beauty, alienation and taking pride in your appearance. His lyrics are poetic and full of wonderful, exciting and meaningful imagery. His music is unlike anything you've ever heard before: futuristic, electronic, but with all the classic elements of the classic timeless pop of yesteryear.

Is that all?
No. He was the inventor of Face Pop, the founding father of the Neo-Regency Face Warriors and is now heading in what he calls "a more Glamoronic direction".

What is a Neo-Regency Face Warrior?
They are a thoroughly modern craze in music and fashion, which, like all great things in history, will never be appreciated fully until later on. They combine punk attitude with disco chic. They believe in the triumph of the individual over the soul-destroying effect of conformity. They believe in the future, the 18th century and the 1930's. They use art, theatre and dance to embellish their live performances. They believe that everyone should release the warrior within, not because of fighting, but because warriors are strong, noble and proud, like peacocks. And they paint their faces to express their individual spirits properly. And it's stopped happening now because Gary is a pop chameleon and he's moved on to more interesting territory.

Isn't that just a New Romantic with a different name?
Bad people in the press and at gigs seem to think Gary is a New Romantic throwback, permanently stuck in some twilight time between 1979 and 1982, but he's not. Some people even have a pop at him for being a "New New Romantic", but since he has never actually said that he is one, they really ought to get their facts right before publicly berating him for doing so.

So he's nothing to do with the 1980s then?
Like most people born in the 1970s, Gary was alive in the 1980s, but that's about as far as it goes. You only have to listen to music and think about it for a bit, to realise that the 1980s and the New Romantics were not synonymous, and that anyone who thinks otherwise really doesn't know what they're talking about. Ask any New Romantic whether they actually were one and they would probably say "No, I was a futurist" or "No, I was just developing pop music in my own way using the technology available at the time" or "No, I was a punk, but by the late 1970s punk had been swallowed up by its own arsehole and become formulaic and everybody considered what it had turned into exceptionally boring, plus it had very limited emotional scope and I was more interested in singing about car crashes, skyscrapers, nuclear war, pirates, supermodels, scientists and prostitutes, and what's more, I did it in a more expressionistic, fantasy-laden fashion than my immediate punk forebears, even though really both movements dealt with the same themes of anger and alienation from modern society" or "No, everything I did was a tribute to David Bowie and I still couldn't come anywhere close".

Don't get so defensive. I only asked a question.
What's more, the New Romantic/futurist/New Wave/electronic influence is prevalent in modern pop culture, as can be seen directly on the electro-clash movement and in the recent work of more commercial artists like Robbie Williams and Gwen Stefani, and indirectly via the massive influence of artists like Gary Numan and Adam Ant on early hip-hop and 90s American alternative artists like Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson, who in turn have influenced today's wave of bubblegum Goth. To pigeonhole someone as an 80s act just because he wears make-up and sings about robots just isn't fair.

Has Gary released any records?
You bet your sorry ass! Find out more about by going straight to my Discography page!!

Is Gary going to release a new album any time soon?
Gary is currently in the studio working on his third album, with the provisional title of Glamoronica. Early indications suggest it will be something of a sonic departure from his previous works, but the classic Gary themes of humans at odds with an increasingly tech-reliant and alienating ultra-modern world will remain, so don't panic!!

Where can I see Gary live?
The Events page is regularly updated with all Gary's major appearances on stage, radio and even TV!

If Gary is a serious pop star, how come he always ends up in the comedy listings?
Gary believes that musical events should be theatrical experiences. The old-style rock concert of old is as dead as the dinosaurs. Gary thinks that music is best played in theatres, nightclubs, cinemas, on battleships and in clothes shops. He often plays in comedy clubs to take people by surprise. Anyway, he does music gigs sometimes and they're always really good, so there.

Is Gary Le Strange his real name?
Very little is known about Gary's early years. He was born in October 1971 in Fairdale, West Yorkshire, and lived there till his late teens before winning a place at Peterford College of Arts and eventually moving to London in the mid 1990s. Neither of his parents have Le Strange as a surname, so it seems doubtful that it is Gary's real surname, unless he had it changed legally, which seems doubtful. Gary is notoriously tight-lipped about his childhood, and has been known to come over with a glazed look and start bashing himself in the face whenever pressed on the issue, so it doesn't look likely that we will find out about it any time soon.

Who is Philip De Vine?
Philip was in a "performance punk" duo with Gary throughout the mid to late 1990s, which was variously known as The Radiators of Death, Chromium Dockyard, Symphonic Handshakes in the Ether and Warszasmagoria. Gary and Philip briefly ran a club called The Marquee Fašade, which was less of a club and more of a tent, which they moved to a different location every night (so no one would know where it was. You can't get less commercial than that. Gary and Philip famously fell out when Philip through a chaise longue at Gary and kicked him out of his own band, beginning a rift which lasted seven years. Recently, they have reached something of a conciliation, and Philip was last seen playing at Gary's new club with his new synthpop duo, Far Canal. But both artists say there is "no chance" of a creative reunion any time soon.

When is Gary going to break through into the mainstream and start dominating the commercial music scene like the pop God he promises to be?
Gary will never be mainstream until the whole world wakes up to the power and beauty of truly good music, and the minds of all who inhabit this Earth will elevate to a higher level, achieving what is known as "full Gary consciousness". Then Gary will sell more records than anyone has ever sold before, and become the all-time legend we Gary fans already know he is destined to be remembered as.

Gary really is gorgeous. Can I kiss him?
Get off. He's mine.

Stills from DVD recording of Gary's Face Academy show
August 2004
Courtesy of Gary Shepherd