Murder in Successville
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MURDER FANS will be pleased to know that a second series of Murder in Successville has just begun on the all-new totally-online BBC Three, for six weeks beginning Wednesday June 15th. Anyone thinking the move to online will cheapen the show in any way is in for a big surprise - I can assure you the show looks and sounds better than ever. The celebrity whodunnit is once again headed up by the unstoppable Tom Davis as DI Sleet, with regular return appearances by Liam Houlican as Chief Inspector Ramsay and Nico Tatarowicz as Sid. The opening episode with Vicky Pattison as the naive rookie is a stunner, but with top writers like Joel Morris, Jason Hazeley and Toby Davies and an eclectic gaggle of guest stars like Emma Bunton, Chris Kamara and Mark Wright, every single episode is a winner. As ever, the show is directed by the brilliant James De Frond and produced by the wonderful Avril Spary for Tiger Aspect. I'm the guy who does the music - and for a taster of what's coming up, have a listen to the extracts on my professional music page here.

AFTER MANY LONG YEARS, I've finally teamed up with my old friend Tim Hope to create a stunning new pop video which is guaranteed to either cause an almighty stir, get completely ignored or somewhere comfortably in between. It's our first public collaboration since Origen's Wake back in 2000, but we've all learned a hell of a lot since then. A dance record made under the guise of Tim's alter ego Captain Ango Pango, this one features a guest vocal by Gary Le Strange, but in a way you've never heard him before, each calling on radio DJs to shut up and "just play some fucking music". With production by the fantastic David Westlake (whose work can also be heard alongside King Crimson in the soundtrack to Steve Oram's AAAAAAAAH!), this is a head-kicking, speaker-crushing piece of dance brilliance, and will be available to view as soon as the eye-popping, ultra-violent animation is perfected and ready for human eyes to see. (UPDATE: WATCH IT NOW HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWhx5b1ww2E)

PERHAPS EVEN MORE EXCITING, and certainly more long-awaited, is the news that Gareth Tunley's debut feature film The Ghoul, for which I wrote and recorded all the music, is finally complete and, after two private screenings, I can safely say it is fantastic. Starring Tom Meeten as the deeply complex Chris and a multi-talented cast including Geoffrey McGivern, Alice Lowe, Niamh Cusack, Dan Skinner, Rufus Jones and Paul Kaye, it's a big departure for many involved in that it isn't a comedy in any way, shape or form. Indeed, its subject matter, which I won't go into but is very close to my heart, is about as serious as it gets, and will probably affect audiences in unexpected ways. Feedback from early audiences has all been very positive and all that remains is to secure a distribution deal, which with any luck is just around the corner. Watch this space - or probably better watch The Ghoul's Twitter feed instead. For early insights into what the film might soundtrack, I've uploaded a small handful of pieces to my professional Music page here.

This website has finally taken another mighty leap forward with the addition of a Comedy section, to match the already existing Acting and Music sections as a representation of what I've mainly been doing with my silly life this past 44 years. But this, rather than the others, can probably be read as a more straightforward biography in six vaguely chronological sections. As a way of forcing myself not to back out of it once I've started, I'm uploading this section before it's been finished, with the first chapter - Early Years - tentatively completed (replete with unhilariously awful childhood attempts at comedy for your anti-enjoyment) and the rest to follow each time I update the site. The pre-existing Gary Le Strange section has now been subsumed by this new category, though it still exists in all its glory. And you can expect more from him before the end of the year, if things go according to plan.

And that's that. Enjoy your being alive and all that

Waen xxx
Origen's bedroom
Sleet & Bunton

Murder in Successville
A preview of
the soundtrack

Origen's Wake
An animation
Tim Hope & I did in 2000

Tired Parents
Recent brilliance
by Tim Hope
Tom Davis
DI Sleet
Shut Up DJ
DI Sleet and Sgt Pattison on a very important mission
Emma Bunton is one of many new rookies

Murder in Successville
A glowing preview
in the Guardian
DI Sleet shouts in a red room

The Ghoul
Twitter feed
The end of the road?

Brand new
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Knob Head Magazine
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embarrassments of the
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Gary Le Strange
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Chris contemplates his life

The Ghoul
A selection of tunes
from the soundtrack
A fake record about underpants
Tom Meeten looking serious as Hell
This poster image sums up The Ghoul pretty well
Tim Hope & Andy Bone as The Tired Parents
Gary Le Strange gives his Mum a ticking off
Captain Ango Pango & Gary Le Strange
Shane Wepherd (or is it Waen Shepherd?) gets so mad he chops everything in half
Gary Le Strange in The Comedy Store
I am a Video - New Single
Beef Scarecrow
Available now!
December 3, 2013
Beef Scarecrow
Available now!
November 25, 2014
Shut Up Mum
Available now!
April 21, 2015
The egg Kraftwerk had for breakfast
I am a Video
Available now!
Nov 24, 2015
DI Sleet looking mean as Hell
Murder in Successville
Series 2
Jun 13, 2016
The Ghoul's swanky new poster (which probably gost more than the film did)
The Ghoul
UK Cinema Release
Aug 4, 2017
The Ghoul (Aug 2017)
Single Cover