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With Rob Delaney
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Gallery Le Strange
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pics by James Betts
Gary Le Strange (James Betts, 2003)

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Obama vs. Romney
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Rob Delaney & Sharon Horgan
FINALLY, after nine years of being prodded and cajoled by my wife, who was on the verge of refusing to have anything further to do with me unless I got my finger out and did something useful for a change instead of sitting about the house looking miserable and worrying why no one ever listens to my music any more, it is my proud privilege to announce the worldwide re-release of Gary Le Strange's debut album Polaroid Suitcase, originally recorded in 2003, previously available only as a limited edition CD and now globally available to purchase as an MP3 download via CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify and a myriad other online musical boutiques. It is not only a great relief but also a powerfully solemn duty to advise you that this will make an excellent Christmas gift, and indeed a very fine thing for anyone to listen to at any time of the year.

To coincide with this auspicious and venerable occasion, my wonderful website has gone Polaroid Suitcase mad, with a new, revamped Gary Le Strange section featuring an up-to-date discography, lyrics from the album and a brand new 4000-word article about how and why Gary Le Strange came into being. This is on top of the scripts, reviews, videos and free song downloads that already existed on the site.

That not enough for you? Then how about a 16-shot selection from a batch of newly-rediscovered photos from the Polaroid Suitcase cover session by the talented photo-maestro James Betts? Thought that'd impress you. And if it doesn't, you surely can't fail to swoon with excitement when I tell you that I've delved into my own personal archives and uncovered not one but two old versions of Gary Le Strange's original website at www.garylestrange.co.uk - unseen since their original appearances in December 2003 and July 2005. WOW!!!!

Baffled and bored by all this Le Strangeness? Well, I've been doing other stuff too. Like this fine film about the US Election which was insanely topical for two days about a month or so ago, and this kinky sex video with Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan. But, when all's said and done, all I really want to do is convince you that I am not the only person reading this. And to wish my reader a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
Dance Dummy
Love Dummy
Gary Le Strange by James Betts
Gary Le Strange by James Betts

Polaroid Suitcase
Buy it now
on Amazon

Polaroid Suitcase
Album notes
and general info

The original website
of Gary Le Strange
Gary Le Strange logo backdrop (Jenny Samuels, 2003)

POLAROID SUITCASE is available from December 12th, 2012 for worldwide download on CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon MP3. It is also available to purchase or listen to on Spotify and will soon be appearing on various other online shops, mobile apps and internet radio stations including 7digital, Bloom.fm, Deezer, Emusic, Google Music Store, GreatIndieMusic, iHeartRadio, Last.fm, MediaNet, Muve Music, MySpace Music, Myxer, Nokia, Omnifone, Rdio, Rhapsody, Simfy, Tradebit and Xbox Music.

Polaroid Suitcase
Buy it now
on CD Baby
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