Gary Le Strange was a musical comedy character created by the actor Waen Shepherd, as a means of being able to practise the skills of acting, writing, comedy and music all at once. Inspired by the New Romantic movement of the early 1980s, Gary came alive in 2002 and remained a regular fixture on the British comedy scene until 2007, when he more or less disappeared. Sightings have been sporadic ever since. This website is an archive dedicated to his memory. A monument to prove that he existed. And an attempt to catalogue the various things he did and didn’t do.
MUSIC VIDEO WORDS GALLERY PRESS RADIO album Polaroid Suitcase album Face Academy song Is My  Toaster Sentient? video Michael London  2007 song Michael the Swan lyrics Michael the Swan album Beef Scarecrow pictures Beef Scarecrow notes Beef Scarecrow video Cat in a Washing  Machine