ballerina 2002
POLAROID SUITCASE GLSCD002/GLSA02 July 2003 Gary’s first full-length album, recorded in the spare room of a first floor flat in Walthamstow on a Sony PlayStation and a piece of film-editing software. Somehow became a vital promotional tool when publicising his first show and tour. A good place to start if you’re new to Le Strange.
SEX DUMMY GLSCD001/GLSA01 March 2003 Gary’s first release, recorded mainly in 2002. Limited batch of CD-R copies given to friends, acquaintances or whoever showed an interest. Features different, earlier recordings of four tracks that would eventually appear on Polaroid Suitcase.
video Ballerina Edinburgh 2003
FACE ACADEMY GLSCD003/GLSA03 July 2004 Gary’s second full-length album, recorded to accompany his second live show. Focusing on Gary’s ‘Face War’ against the forces of mediocrity, it’s bolder and more confident than the first, with a more intimate vocal performance, but not universally loved.
photocopier 2004 chinese ghost 2003 video The Chinese Ghost of Christmas  London 2014 video Is My Toaster Sentient?  ITV2 2006 toaster 2003
GLAMORONICA GLSA04 2005/2013 An EP of six songs, rescued from the ashes of Gary’s original third album, which he abandoned halfway through. All the backing tracks were recorded in 2005, with new vocals recorded in 2013. Despite having originally been scrapped, it still features some of Gary’s best work.
all i ever do 2005 video Is My Toaster Sentient?  London 2007
BEEF SCARECROW GLSCD004/GLSA05 August 2006 Gary’s much-maligned and misunderstood third album, a psychedelic cavalcade of bizarre songs about animals, children, scarecrows, weirdos and meat. It might be Gary’s masterpiece or it could just be a load of tripe. Either way, this is not entry-level stuff. Be prepared.
michael 2006 video Michael the Swan London 2007
video Cat in a Washing Machine  2024